Children Dentistry

We pride ourselves on the welcoming atmosphere and comprehensive service at ORA Dental Care. Each age has different dental considerations and our approach tailors the visit to each child. With our safe and gentle approach to children’s dentistry, our purpose is to create a positive dental experience for children.
Parents appreciate the educational component our team offers at our London dental practice. Our education extended to kids and their parents includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • How to brush their teeth properly
  • Understanding which different foods affect teeth
  • Dealing with pacifiers and other tooth-affecting habits
  • General information concerning pediatric dentistry and oral hygiene.

Our children’s dental treatments use safe and gentle care, whether we’re undertaking:

  • Oral health examinations on kids
  • Treatment for primary tooth trauma
  • Management of dental injuries
  • Advanced procedures such as tooth extraction and more.

Once your little one has their first teeth, you should bring him/her to visit our clinic. We will set your child on a path for lifelong oral health. Our dental team can help teach kids good oral hygiene habits early, giving them better long-term results.